We provide a strong Digital Platform and a strong Marketing Strategy to connect all segments of lives under one single roof.

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Modern Strategy

Our new business strategy relay on building a strong bond between society and an entrepreneur through a variety of services in one console.

Customer Relationship

The mode of operation of the Connect INN Support Hub is designed in such a way that we build a strong bond between the end-customers and the society through a well-connected digital ecosystem.

Ultimate Marketing

Our marketing strategy provide you a wide range of new-age marketing methods which reduce your effort and cost to reach out to an end-customer.

About Us

Connect Inn Technologies Private Limited is a company that provides a digitally-crafted ecosystem for the CONNECT INN SUPPORT HUB Project to get implemented seamlessly in a society, as well as we provide new-age marketing strategies that proved to be efficacious in any part of the world to connect a society to a business model. The ultimate goal of our Digital Platform is to bring together farmers, artists, small entrepreneurs, self-employed, multidisciplinary workers, job seekers and employers from all walks of life under one umbrella and delivering their services and products across our Digital Platform and beyond to customer needs. We also aim to create a team of entrepreneurs working towards betterment of social growth and upliftment.

We bring to the people the First Digitalized Hub in India called CONNECT INN SUPPORT HUB, a project owned by ConnectInnWays Foundation and digitally supported by Connect Inn Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

CONNECT INN SUPPORT HUB is a project that is solely owned by ConnectInn Ways Foundation. ConnectInnWays Foundation, a non-profit organization in India to empower and help accident survivors, burn survivors, trauma survivors to move forward with psychological disorders and financial setbacks caused thereby, also to enpower our society which includes children, youth, women and differently- abled through relevant education, innovative healthcare assistance, focused awareness and livelihood programs.

Visit ConnectInnWays Foundation website for more details: https://connectinnways.com/


Let’s discuss about our strategy

We welcomes you to join our new strategy of business. You are always welcome to our firm to have a discussion with us regarding our business model which help you to earn more with a social care. We are always ready to explain in deep about how we works or what’s the business strategy that we follows and how you are good to earn big profits from it.

We can help you to grow your business

Our Business strategy provides you a wide range of market place which explores rural and urban market places with an incomparable services. Our aim is to give the customer a wide range of service whose benefits they can gain by just one click or phone call. Our aim also benefits to those who are looking for a good market place without investment on marketing and advertising.



Through our online platform and the regional stores we are providing customer the feasibility of purchasing better services through one click or by using our offline service facility by just sitting in home. Over our well designed online platform we providing the below services

  • Local Store Shopping
  • Skilled Workers
  • Cab Services
  • Home Service Contract
  • JenaSeva Services
  • ATM @ Home
  • Medical Store
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Farmers Market
  • Art Gallery
  • Health & Edu Corners
  • Doctors & Medical Professionals
  • Engineers & Lawyers
  • Hospital Corner
  • Mobile & Computer Services
  • Company & Insurance Services
  • Bill Payments
  • Job & Education Support
  • Social Welfare Clubs
  • Police & Fire force Assistance
  • Ambulance & Blood Donors
  • AyurSeva (Lab test @ Home)
  • Shope products online

    We provide you the facility to buying products online from your nearby shop with the free and feasible delivery solution. We provide you a big bag of products that satisfies your needs.